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Dr. David N. Glover is the founding visionary of the initiative “I Like Me”, and Spiritual Fine Arts. With a message of self-acceptance, self-awareness, and anti-bullying, he aims to raise the intersection of mental health awareness and religion with his “I Like Me” initiative. Whether he is functioning as a public speaker, consultant, or elocutionist, David believes that you can change individual lives, cultures, and the world!

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Ennoblement Project

Creating and sustaining an inclusive, equitable and psychologically safe culture is critical to business success. We work with you as a DEI Thought Partner to facilitate the following:

  • Unconscious Bias-
  • Inclusive Leadership-
  • Creating Psychological Safety-
  • Leading Courageous Conversations-
  • DEI Roadmap Design-
  • ERG Strategy: Creating Belonging Through Community

Dr. David is an Internationally Renowned Speaker Featured on TEDx

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Born Out of Pain, the Memoir

Building & Managing Organizations