Empowering Youth for a Brighter Future

About the Program:

The “I Like Me” Resiliency Program is a comprehensive, evidence-based initiative meticulously crafted to support and empower youth within the juvenile justice system. This innovative program recognizes the unique challenges these young individuals face and addresses them through a holistic and multi-faceted approach, aiming to foster self-esteem, resilience, and positive behavior.

At the heart of the “I Like Me” program is the belief that every young person has the potential to transform their lives, no matter their past. Our initiative, with your support, is designed to give these youths the tools and support necessary to overcome adversity and build a brighter future. By focusing on their strengths and helping them develop critical life skills, we aim to instill a sense of self-worth and agency.

Our program is structured around six essential components: Self-Care, Self-Respect, Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance, Self-Trust, and Self-Empowerment. Each plays a vital role in the holistic development of the youth, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle life’s challenges and pursue their goals with confidence and resilience.

Our Mission

To provide youth with the tools and support to overcome challenges, build a positive self-image, and lead successful, fulfilling lives.

Our Vision

A world where every young person recognizes their worth and potential, regardless of their past.

Program Components:

The “I Like Me” program is built around six key components that are crucial for personal growth and resilience:

1. Self-Care: Promoting physical and mental health through mindfulness exercises, physical fitness routines, and healthy lifestyle workshops.

2. Self-Respect: Encouraging youth to value themselves and make positive choices through role-playing, scenario-based learning, and discussions on respect.

3. Self-Esteem: Building confidence and self-worth with positive affirmations, goal-setting workshops, and recognition of achievements.

4. Self-Acceptance: Fostering acceptance and appreciation of oneself with activities that highlight diversity, personal strengths, and self-compassion.

5. Self-Trust: Developing trust in one’s decisions and abilities through problem-solving activities, trust-building exercises, and leadership opportunities.

6. Self-Empowerment: Empowering youth to take control of their lives with decision-making skills, personal mission statements, and a growth mindset.

Why It Matters:

Disenfranchised youth face numerous challenges that can hinder their ability to live successfully in society. These challenges include mental health issues, high recidivism rates, and a lack of positive role models. The “I Like Me” program addresses these challenges by providing a supportive environment where youth can learn, grow, and thrive.

How It Works:

Implementation Plan: The program is delivered through workshops, group activities, and one-on-one sessions. Each component has a dedicated module facilitated by trained professionals.

Duration and Frequency: The program runs for 12 weeks, with two 90-minute sessions per week.

Facilitator Training: Our facilitators undergo a rigorous and comprehensive training program to ensure the highest quality of delivery. This includes workshops on trauma-informed care, youth engagement, and the specific components of the program.

Get Involved:

For Youth: Join the “I Like Me” program and start your journey towards self-discovery and growth.

For Families: Engage with your child’s progress and support them in their journey. Attend family workshops and community events.

For Partners: Collaborate with us to provide comprehensive support to our participants—partner with local mental health services, schools, and community organizations.

Success Stories:

“Getting into the ‘I Like Me’ Program was straight up life-changing. It lifted my self-esteem, showed me how to care for myself, and gave me the swag to make good choices. Now, I feel strong and ready to run my own show.” – Deandre, 11th grade

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Success Stories:

“The ‘I Like Me’ Program flipped my life around. It taught me to be resilient and accept myself, boosting my confidence and giving me hope. Now, I see the good in life and know I’ve got what it takes to handle whatever comes my way.” – Karia, 10th grade