Our strategic workforce solutions drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness by aligning operational processes, organizational structure, and workforce programs to support strategically valuable work.

We create sustainable organizational change through a human-centered approach rooted in organizational psychology that is holistic, co-creative and inclusive, and adaptive to each organization’s unique needs. We work to leave a lasting impact—the positive organizational enhancements that unlock human potential and lead to sustainable change.

How We’re Different

Our expertly designed, scientifically methodical strategy effortlessly navigates through turmoil and intricacy, ensuring swift and exceptional outcomes.

Approach & Philosophy

We partner with your business to identify necessary support for long-term success, addressing current issues while preventing future ones, and empowering you with our knowledge to enhance your company’s operations and seize new opportunities.

 Some of the ways we succeed:

  • Get people engaged in the process and committed to “making a difference”
  • Create an emotionally intelligent culture in which people take responsibility for their choices and become self-accountable for outcomes and results
  • Move people from finger-pointing to problem-solving, from animosity to collegiality, from resistance to advocacy
  • Instill in people the awareness of their own capacity to do what needs to be done, revealing a direct route to rise above the fray and freeing people to optimize their contribution to the task at hand

Our Commitment to You

Before beginning an engagement, we have early conversations with you to explore if we are the right fit for working together. From our perspective this is a co-selection process in which everyone needs to have a high level of commitment in order to succeed. 

Our Company

Ennoblement LLC is a minority-owned small business headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia, doing business nationally, internationally, and by phone and videoconferencing. Formed in 2013, our business is founded upon our values of equanimity, excellence, integrity, synergism, and truth. 


Our evidence-based workforce solutions are tailored to maximize your most valuable asset—your people.

Organizational Strategy

Clear strategic objectives focus the workforce on the most valuable work for organizational success.

We look at where you are and where you need to be to develop a roadmap that aligns people, processes, and programs to achieve your strategic objectives.

Process Optimization

Well-designed processes improve the quality and consistency of the stakeholder experience, prioritize the most valuable work, and make the most effective use of organizational resources.

We help organizations design and optimize processes that support strategic objectives. Our human-centric approach creates alignment and uncovers opportunities to make impactful changes with available resources immediately.

Organization & Team Structure

Individuals perform best when they understand their roles, the roles of their team members, and how each role contributes to the organization’s objectives.

We collaborate with representatives across the organization to design activities, roles, jobs, team structure, and workforce processes that support strategic objectives.

Program Evaluation

Systematic evaluation enhances program quality and improves outcomes by identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

We combine data-driven analysis with a rigorous approach to assessing stakeholder experience to optimize program models to achieve program objectives.

Performance Management

Performance management is the primary mechanism by which organizations identify high potentials, develop workforce competencies, and turn objectives into action.
We help organizations create performance management systems aligned to strategic objectives that focus the workforce on the most valuable work and motivate the behaviors essential for organizational success.

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is the critical factor underlying workforce effectiveness, working for or against organizational objectives and impacting retention.

We combine an analytical approach with an empathy-driven intuition for people to diagnose how knowledge and beliefs contribute to behaviors that work against organizational priorities.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Engage employees, attract candidates, and foster creativity and innovation by promoting diversity in background, experience, and perspective, accounting for people’s unique needs, capabilities, and circumstances, and creating an environment where all voices are heard and valued.

We help organizations develop a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion that supports organizational objectives by identifying areas of concern, uncovering organizational barriers, and facilitating meaningful change.

Project Management

Workforce initiatives require the coordination of many people and the management of many unknowns.

Our PMP-certified project managers rigorously manage project timelines to adapt to the changing needs of workforce initiatives while keeping projects on time and within budget.

Change Management

Successful organizational change hinges on creating stakeholder buy-in through effective communication and a deep understanding of the impact of the change.

We help organizations achieve ambitious change by giving stakeholders a voice and inviting them to co-create the future of the organization.


  • 541612 Human Resources Consulting Services (Primary)
  • 611430 Professional and Management Development Training
  • 561110 Office Administrative Services

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